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Our accessories are made with great care and in respect of nature to provide you an accessible and outstanding look.

Recycling has transformed the fashion industry

We are proud of our roots and we work hard so history can be written on a happy note.

Made in Quebec


Family business

Recycled fur

Why recycled fur is ecological?


Unlike faux fur or all these synthetic materials that will end up in garbage waiting for a long decomposition, fur is a natural material that will simply degrade at the end of its life, without leaving any trace.


Although trapping and fur farming methods are governed by very strict standards, recycled fur still distances us from the practices. We simply use coats that kept our ancestors warm and that would otherwise be sleeping in a closet!


Recycled fur is the reuse of old fur coats -that are still in good condition- to create new products. Because we are working with an existing material, there’s no need to produce new fabrics whose production is pollutant.

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