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Shawinigan, 1951. Lionel Lemieux leaves Montréal with his wife Lucille Greffard that he met as they were both working in the fur industry. They choose Shawinigan to open their own fur store. In 1988, two of his sons, Alain and Serge, buy/take overthe business as the fur industry starts to change. The brothers will know how to adapt their business to stay in the line, and will later –in 2001– start recycling furs. It’s few years later, when Alain’s daughter Andréane joins the crew, that they start taking that recycled fur collection more seriously, making it the new signature of Lemieux designer. Nowadays, Ecogriffe is knownedfor its accessibility and for its ethic pendant that people are now looking for when it comes to buying something.

When it comes to recycling, people have a totally different perception of fur. They are proud again to wear it.

Andréane Lemieux • 3rd generation


Fur is a noble material and it needs a special touch, a careful hand work and a special attention to details in every step of the production.


With over 60 years of cumulated expertise, we can guarantee a product of an exceptional quality and an always thoughtful confection.


Our business have grown through three generations, constantly focusing on the evolution and the diversification of the products, to adapt to the styles and the needs of our era.


The use of recycled materials not only allows us to offer an accessible and affordable product, but also to leave only a very tiny ecological footprint.


In addition to the shop adjacent to our Shawinigan workshop, we also have two boutiques in beautiful Quebec City. You will also find our products in many points of sale across the province.


You are too far from our points of sale, you run out of time or you just really like to receive a parcel by post (we love that feeling too !), take advantage of our fast delivery service.

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