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Frequently asked questions

You may find here the answer to your question. If not, write to us directly!

Recycled fur means that we use old fur coats that are still in good condition to create new products. Visit our In the Workshop page for more details.

We take good care of selecting only the furs that are still in good condition and that would last for many years from now. We wouldn’t be able to transform a bad quality fur anyways because it would be tearing and cracking.

Of course ! It’s the very first step of the transformation process. We have in our workshop the fur cleaning specialized machines so every coat we buy gets a ride in it !


It can be for a complete remodeling, just for a few modifications (shorten it, add a hood) or to transform it into different accessories (vest, handbag, pillow) : whatever suits you best we can do it ! Come see us with your coat(s) at our Shawinigan boutique and we will be pleased to show you the possibilities. We recommand that you call before making the trip to Shawinigan to make sure we are open (store is closed Sunday and Monday).



We can also buy your fur coat. Click here to know how to proceed.

La fourrures nécessite un nettoyage spécialisé qui n’est PAS UN NETTOYAGE À SEC. Pour faire nettoyer une fourrure, il est essentiel de vous rendre chez un professionnel, soit chez un marchand de fourrure ou chez un nettoyeur qui offre ce service (nous offrons ce service à Shawinigan).

  1. MANTEAU Si vous possédez un manteau de fourrure, il est recommandé de le faire nettoyer une fois par année, à la fin de la saison hivernale.
  2. PETIT ACCESSOIRE Pour ce qui est des petits accessoires, il n’est cependant pas nécessaire de procéder à un nettoyage spécialisé.
    1. Vous pouvez simplement utiliser une brosse à animal pour brosser doucement votre pompon (ou autre) pour lui redonner du volume et éliminer les poussières accumulées entre les poils.
    2. Si votre pompon (ou autre) est sale, vous pouvez utiliser un linge humide pour tenter d’éliminer la tache. Laissez ensuite sécher à l’air libre (ne jamais laisser la fourrure près d’une source de chaleur comme un séchoir à cheveux, calorifère ou feu de foyer).

In addition to our online store and our three stores (two in Quebec City and one in Shawinigan), we have many points of sales throughout the province of Quebec. Consult the map to see where to find our products.

Yes ! The wide variety of furs make the continuity of the products and the inventory complex to control, so we are not able to offer all products online.

If you bought your item (pompon or other) in a pharmacy and you are able to return with your broken item, you can exchange it free of charge.

If it’s not possible for you to go back to the pharmacy, if you purchased your item online of if you received it as a gift, please send us an email at [email protected]with a photo of your broken item. We will answer you shortly to tell you what to do.

You still have a question? Write to us, we will be happy to give you an answer shortly!

[email protected]

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