We buy your fur coats

Yes, we buy old fur coats !

We clean them and transform them into different accessories, which will be determined by the type of fur and its condition.

What you need to know :

  • Some furs worth more than others
  • Even a fur that hasn’t been worned a lot can show sings of fatigue. Its skin can be dry and its hair less silky.
  • A completely dry fur that cracks and tears is unusable for recycling. Since this process is erreversible, it is not possible to restore such a fur.
  • The amount of money that will be offered to you is based on the type of fur, its lenght and size, and its condition.
Please fill out the following form so that we can tell you if we can buy your coat, how much we can give for it and how to send it to us.

Please load here the photos of your coat. In order for us to make a good evaluation, please make sure you send a photo of :

–The front of the coat

–The back of the coat

- Type of fur
- Length of the coat
- Age of the coat (or who did it belong to)

Was this coat in storage?

If you're not close to one of our boutiques (Shawinigan or Québec) and we get to an agreement regarding the price of the coat, would it be possible for you to ship it to us?

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